Monday, June 30, 2008

Vacation Eats

Sorry for being all lazy poster, but I just got back from a week long visit to Florida and it was heaven. I loved every second of it. It was also my boyfriend's first visit to the ocean, which was incredibly adorable...till he threw me in fully dressed.
As we all know, vacation is ALL about food. I wanted to take pictures of everything delicious I ate, but alas I was too obsessed with the seafood and key lime goodness to keep to the plan. But I snapped a few!

When you look below, you may think, "Kara, where are all the pictures of seafood?" I'm glad you asked! Seafood is my favorite ever. Trust me. I ate it every single day. From grouper sandwiches to blackened sword fish. This girl was happily satisfied by ocean critters. I was just too lazy to take pictures :)

Here's some eye candy of just a smidgen' of the deliciousness that was my vacation:

King Crab Legs- I think Caleb seriously high off of how delicious these were.
Dreamciscle Pina Colada. Very Girly. Very Delicious:
Rib dinner from a local guy with a smoker at the outdoor market. THAT RICE! Wow. Incredible. It has pieces of smoked chicken in it.

Just Ribs, for the BBQ purist:
My Mom's incredibly excessive Chili Dog:

Gyro from Hella's in Tarpon Springs, FL. Seriously the best Gyro I've ever had. Ever. (don't mind the sunburn)

Thanks for Stopping By!


Lara said...

Missed you, girl! Hope you're recovering from that sunburn!!!

Laurie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE grouper sandwiches!!!!!!!!!!!!