Friday, January 18, 2008

My Favorite Coffee Cake...In Muffin Form?!

I am really striking out lately on presentation, as you will find out in just a second. But I'm learning and that is what this is all about. Next time, these lil' guys should just look killer.

So, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my mom's recipe for sour cream coffee cake. It's deliciously unhealthy and yummy. It's basically pound cake that you justify eating for breakfast by calling it coffee cake. So, I thought to myself, how cute would it be if they were made in little muffin tins instead of the standard 9 x 13. I was trying to be adventurous, and it turned out ok. I just had a bit of trouble with the topping. However, for round one (an experiment) I think it went well and I WILL make these again after adjusting the recipe to what I've learned.

WARNING! NOT POINTS FRIENDLY ON WEIGHT WATCHERS. But, nice small single servings so you don't over indulge.

I don't remember the recipe. I will post it once I find the piece of paper. I do know it has all the goodness you could ask for in a cake, eggs, butter, sour cream, flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, salt..etc. It makes a REALLY THICK batter (which tastes really good on it's own) and then you mix together brown sugar and cinnamon to put on top. YUM.

Here's What I Got:

Don't they look yummy and adorable in the oven?! HA! Just wait till I try to take the suckers out:

The beginnings of the crumbly top nightmare. ALL OF THE TOPS FELL OFF!!!
So, I had to reaffix them or try and crumble up the cooked topping and put it back on the muffin.

They look a little bit better when you put them in a basket with a cute napkin:

Here they are the next day when I did some "recrumbling action." I took these to a work meeting, and everyone enjoyed them. Hooray!

What I learned:
- I cooked these a shade too long, probably only by 3 minutes or so
- I filled the muffin tins too high with batter. This caused the topping to stick to the outer rim of the muffin tin as it cooked, and pulled it off of the little cakes when I tried to get them out
- I need to press the topping into the batter.
- Next time I might try and make the crumbles I do for apple pie. With these crumbles, you cut in butter with flour, sugar and cinnamon. I think would help it "stick" better. Here's a picture from Thanksgiving so you can visualize:

This weekend, I might tackle scones or mini meatloaves!
Thanks for stopping by!


Lara said...

Regardless of how they looked, Kara, they tasted great. They had a nice subtle flavor.

Laurie said...

Those looked great! And scones next? My mom bought me a scone pan for my birthday so I need to try that out sometime. I'll let you know how mine goes and I assume I'll be reading about yours on here!